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 A Word From Sara

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PostSubject: A Word From Sara   Sun May 25, 2008 9:40 am

A Word From Sara

Woot! Is this the greatest community or what? You guys ROCK! But hey, what's this? You DON'T want invisibility magic? Wink Now there's something I never thought I'd hear!
Thank you all for standing on top of roofs, hanging from walls, being ghosts, moving the "pink couch" incognito, and of course, being the best beta testers ever! You made it possible to create a stable environment in less than three days and we've had an awesome time doing it!
Because we had over 8,000 members online at one time today, we are behind our ambitious schedule, so we are posting a new revised schedule below. Who knew we would have an opportunity to beta test with so many of you at once!
Knowing this great community, you will probably take our servers down again at least a few more times, but we can't wait!
So let's kick this party up a notch, we want to be ready for our "mates" from Australia in June.

Virtual Family Kingdom:

Revised Schedule:
Sometime this evening:

  1. Friends List
  2. Customize your character (maybe, if not, tomorrow morning)

Sometime tomorrow:

  1. Victorian Setting
  2. Rooms List
  3. Whatever else we have time to do if our servers aren't taken down again.
  4. Mini games if at all possible!

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PostSubject: Re: A Word From Sara   Sun Jun 15, 2008 12:07 am

Woot woot Updates! yay lol
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A Word From Sara
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